LinkedIn Scores as 2020’s Top B2B Lead Generation Source for Conversions

Microsoft-owned, LinkedIn is now the world’s largest networking site and is ranked as the 25th most popular website in the world. It boasts 660+ million members, with 181 million of those residing in the U.S. Over 30 million companies are active on LinkedIn, and highly-targeted, B2B lead generation is accessible through the newly-tuned Sales Navigator.

Sales Navigator allows individuals and sales teams to:

  • Contact 630M+ prospects, even those you are not connected to
  • Target decision makers, C-Suite executives and specific job titles
  • Boost profits, by creating endless B2B lead generation and sales opportunities
  • Average a 51% increase in quarterly goal success for sales teams
  • Reach contacts in over 200 countries and territories worldwide
  • Speed-up research on new sales targets and competitive company analysis
  • And much more

The sales pipeline stays full with the Sales Navigator matching applicable users and company suggestions to your selected lead criteria at any given time. You’ll never run out of leads because LinkedIn steadily acquires new members at a rate of two per second, with growth of 62+ million new users a year. Find the latest Sales Navigator pricing here

Twelve LinkedIn Statistics that Make Platform Time Worthwhile 

  1. LinkedIn is trusted by almost 91 percent of corporate executives
  2. The average time a user spends on LinkedIn is 17 minutes, daily unique visits translate to 121 million users 
  3. 41 percent of millionaires worldwide use LinkedIn for networking and entrepreneurial activities
  4. Out of the total 630 member base, 303 million of those users are active monthly, with 40% visiting LinkedIn daily
  5. Fortune 500 companies are active on LinkedIn at a rate of 92%
  6. 46% of B2B social website visits come from LinkedIn content, company pages, branded posts and InMail contact messages and trends toward higher conversions for sales teams who are monitoring and acting on this particular lead source 
  7. 63 million decision-makers use LinkedIn regularly
  8. 90 million senior influencers are contactable on LinkedIn and one-third of members hold upper management positions
  9. Of all the branded content placed on LinkedIn, 45 percent are read by decision-makers, with spend and deal-making authority, such as VPs, and C-suite executives
  10. 97% of B2B marketers and sales teams use LinkedIn as a targeted, branded content distribution channel to reach decision makers, raise their products industry profile and create favorable brand and product impressions for future sales targets 
  11. LinkedIn’s visitor-to-lead conversion rate is 2.74%. Facebook and Twitter fall far behind. Facebook’s visitor-to-lead conversion rate is just 0.77%, and Twitter creeps in at just 0.69%. 
  12. Best of all, 43% of LinkedIn’s B2B marketers reported the platform had generated revenue for their brand — this metric is expected to climb as LinkedIn continues to expand year-over-year

When planning a 2020 product launch or business service expansion, it’s advisable to add LinkedIn as:

  1. A new B2B lead generation source 
  2. A branded content distribution source

Using a direct lead-to-target strategy, backed by professional branded content within your overall success planning is set to serve B2B brands well in 2020. This strategy works especially well for those looking to connect with lead targets who are acquiring high-price tag products and services for upcoming large-scale construction projects, those looking to bring additional manufactring or automation capabilities in-house, EPCs bidding on renewable energy development projects, and many more.

LinkedIn is proving to be one of the most influential channels to pave the way for direct-to-lead prospecting for new product B2B launches and B2B business service expansions. Contact Media Lab One to learn how we can create a unique LinkedIn prospecting sales strategy for your team and execute targeted out-reach with tried-and-tested message scripting unique to your brand that will serve your team a fresh batch of warm leads each month and grow your direct LinkedIn contacts Rolodex. 

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SOURCE: (All Statistics via LinkedIn)


Jennifer Degtjarewsky

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